Rated-I is more then just a fundraising event. Rated-I is a declaration from streamers and gamers alike that their chats, channels and general space is safe from the boundaries that intolerant individuals place on anyone else they want to put down so they can feel superior. That no matter your race, religion, sexual identity, gender or any other label, that no one will be targetted because of that and be made to feel like they are less of a person for any of these reason.

Many people in the world grow up with these labels and become victims of hate and bigotry, being made to feel like a less deserving human due to aspects of themselves that they had and have no control over. Rated-I's goal is to open the gaming communities of all platforms and loudly say "You are welcome here!" To help those that feel isolated and alone find friends that will accept them into their communities for who they are and that they don't have to hide or change anything about themselves just to be included.

Currently, Rated-I is organizing a 96 hour streaming event on Twitch.tv. A number of streamers, both console, PC and tabletop have already agreed to help keep non-stop content going on Twitch to help us raise money to donate to The Trevor Project. While our goal is to help prevent anyone from feel so segregated from humanity that they feel like suicide is an option, the fact that The Trevor Project is out there to help the LGBTQ community get through the darkest days of their lives and find people that care about them is a great thing that we want to help support. Check out our Upcoming Events page for more info.

Being part of the Rated-I community is simple. All it takes is tolerance and inclusion. Welcome anyone and everyone into your gaming space and make them feel like they belong. One way you can make everyone feel welcome is by posting our icon on your webspace. Be it Twitch, Youtube, Beam, Facebook or anywhere you're building your community, you are free to use this graphic as long as you have the will and dedication to make that space one of total inclusion! We just ask you link back here to help explain to everyone what we're all about.